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  • Posted May 23, 2017

    3rd Annual - FREE GOLF DAY October 10th

    For ALL 2017 Greens` Fee Passport Publication* Members!

    Golfnorth Properties and The Greens` Fee Passport are pleased to offer FREE GOLF on a very special date just for YOU and up to 3 GUESTS at the following courses!

    October 10th, 2017

    1.  Oliver`s Nest
    Page 73
    2.  The Fox
    Page 151
    3.  RiverEdge
    Page 171
    4.  Sand Hills
    Page 177
    5.  Scenic Woods
    Page 287
    6.  Beaverdale
    Page 315
    7.  Fergus
    Page 327
    8.  Northern Dunes
    Page 345
    9.  Orangeville
    Page 347
    10.  Waterloo Golf Academy
    Page 359

    You will find this offer on coupon 6 of the above pages.

    * These coupons are ONLY available in the publication and NOT offered digitally. Please arrange your tee time well in advance to guarantee your reservation.

  • Posted Nov 21, 2016

    Benefits of owning

    A Greens` Fee Passport for 2017

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    6. FREE Golf Days at 20 GolfNorth courses
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    8. FREE Scorekeeper and Handicapper with every purchase
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